7 January 2015 – Flippin’ Fran

First proper session of the year! Yes! Our 5am group had a choice to pick from the benchmark WODs as the online one hadn’t been posted yet. And we chose… Fran.



I think we all regretted that decision during the round of 15 later on! I have only done this workout once before, at Crossfit Durbs in September and got a time of 11:08.

Started off with a 1RM Max thruster to get loose, managed to work my way up to 70kg (155lbs) before failing on 75kg (165lbs). At least it would make the Thrusters in the WOD light.

The thrusters started off okay. I broke up the first round into 10 and 11, second round into 5’s and the third round into 3’s. Pull-ups were either in sets of 5 or 3 depending on how my rhythm was. Felt a lot more comfortable on the pull up bar as well, maybe the break helped it 🙂

Next goal is a sub-10 minute Fran!



Thrusters (45kg/99 lbs)

Pull ups


Time: 14:42


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