8 January 2014 – Dirty Deadlifts

I like deadlifts.


It’s become one of my favorite movements of this sport.

I always do a little backflip in my chest when I see that the WOD has deadlifts in it. 🙂

Started off with a Bear Complex. Did the first 5 at 40kg/88lbs and the next 5 at 45kg/99lbs

The actual WOD was enjoyable, the nice part is that it always gets easier. I substituted the double unders for singles as I don’t have them down yet. So for the round of 10 I did 100 singles and went down the rep scheme accordingly (Singles = Deadlift Reps x 10)

EMOM 10 minutes
1 Bear Complex
-Power Clean
-Front Squat
-Shoulder to Overhead
-Back Squat
-Shoulder to Overhead

Deadlifts (100kg,70kg)
Double Unders x5 (50,45,40,35.)
Level 3 (90kg,60kg)
Level 2 (80kg,50kg)
Level 1 (60kg,40kg)

Time: 14:12 (Rx)


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