13 January 2015 – As Fast As Possible

Today’s WOD was a sprint. Strategy was key.

The goal was to amass as many burpees as possible once you’ve completed a set of work. I like that you have to earn the right to do the burpees, in a way. Do the DB snatches, lunges and power wheels as fast as possible to have as much time to get your burpees out. And because there’s a 90 second rest period between rounds, you can go all out every round. I used the 15kg DB by the way.

I also got a PB on my back squat!

122kg/269lbs. Woop!

Back Squat 1 Rep Max

5 Rounds
Each Round is 3 minutes:
Complete AFAP 1 X through:
24 alternate db snatch (left snatch, then right, then left etc) (15,10)
16 alternating weighted lunge steps (same weight)
10 Power wheel knees to elbows
With remaining time – AMRAP Burpees
*score = total burpees from each round

Rest 90 seconds b/t rounds

** Advanced use (20,15 DB’s)

Score: 27 burpees (8 + 6 + 4 + 5 + 4)


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