15 January 2015 – Dead Kettle Boxes

Got a deadlift PR today! Wooo!

My previous best was 155kg/342lbs at Crossfit Durbs last year and got to 160kg/353lbs this morning! Attempted 170kg/375lbs but didn’t even get off the ground :|. Amazing what a difference 10kg makes…

We then deloaded to 65% of our 1RM (105kg/231lbs) for the EMOM workout/warmup. It was a WOD in itself, and I finally strung together 20 double unders in a row!

The main WOD was short, but painful – After all those deadlifts and jumping on the double unders your legs are so heavy and you’re constantly mindful of hitting that box on every jump. Similarly, the 32kg kettlebell requires you to use your hips to get that weight overhead. More pain. I was glad when I finished though.

All in all, a great morning WOD!

1 RM Deadlift

On the Minute x 8 minutes
Odd Minutes – 7 Deadlifts (65% of 1 RM)
Even Minutes – 50 Double-Unders

Box Jump Overs
Kettlebell Swings (American)(32,24)
Level 2 (24,16)
Level 1 (16,12)


Time: 08:40 (Rx)


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