20 January 2015 – Getting Double Unders!

Max Bench Press. I don’t even know what mine is 😐

Its a serious weak point that I need to work on though, and it doesn’t help that I have the longest limbs on earth.

I did the following:

Bench Press
Take percentages based off 90% of your 1 RM
65% x 5 @ 40kg/88lbs
75% x 5 @ 50kg/110lbs
85% x 5 @ 60kg/132lbs
85% x till failure @ 60kg/132lbs (3 reps)

7 Rounds
3 Muscle-ups
6 Power Snatches (60,45)
9 Burpees
30 Double Unders
Rest 1 Minute
Level 3 (50,35), 1 MUP
Level 2 (40,25), 20 Double Unders, 9 Pullups and 9 Ring Dips
Level 1 (30,15), 80 SINGLES, 4 Rounds, 9 Pullups and 9 Dips

I did the WOD with a 50kg/110lbs barbell and 3 assisted bar muscle ups every round (a combo of L2 & L3). I can feel myself getting more comfy with 50kg in the snatch, though my form suffered a bit at the end (wasn’t using my hips enough). Also got 30 Double Unders in a row in 2 of the 7 rounds! Win! It takes alot of concentration to keep that rhythm for an extended time, but I’m getting there 😉

Time: 29:07


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