21 January 2015 – 800m of Pain

My first real run since the Soweto Marathon (I did the half) in November last year. My calves are understandably sore, but need to get some road time in before Warrior Race on the 31st! Eek!

A 10k this weekend is in order then.

I could feel my form suffering in the latter stages as well as the build up of lactic acid between each round. Need to work on my core. It seems like the bottom half of my stomach muscles are getting more tight than the top half. So weird. Must be all the deadlifts haha.

Take percentages based off 90% of your 1 RM (90% of 160 = 144)
65% x 5 – 95kg/209lbs
75% x 5 – 110kg/242lbs
85% x 5 – 122kg/269lbs
85% x AMRAP – 122kg/269lbs – 10 reps

4 Rounds each for time of:
800 meter run
rest 3 minutes after each run

Total time: 21:19

Average 800m time = 21:19 – REST TIME (3 x 3 minutes = 9 minutes) = 12:19 = 739 seconds / 4 = 184.75 seconds = 3 minutes


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