27 January 2015 – Double ManMakers


Bench Press
Take percentages based off 90% of your 1 RM (60kg/132lbs)
70% x 3 (40kg/88lbs)
80% x 3 (60kg/132lbs)
90% x 3 (62kg/136lbs)
90% x AMRAP to “not failure”. Leave one or two in the tank (62lbs/136lbs) x 5 reps

Then, for time:
6 man-makers
10 double-unders
5 man-makers
20 double-unders
4 man-makers
30 double-unders
3 man-makers
40 double-unders
2 man-makers
50 double-unders

Man-maker: with dumbbells in hands, do push up, left dumbbell row, push up, right dumbbell row, bottom up squat, db power clean, then db press or push press or push jerk.

Time: 17:25 (20kg/44lbs dumbells)


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