11 March 2015 – Back From The Dead

I am back! Well kinda…

After a forced two-week layoff due to a torn bicep, I am no longer silently going out of my mind due to lack of exercise. My injury was a result of a ‘Skin The Cat‘ gone wrong – think of the end part where the person is supposed to be suspended upside down except that they have a twisted right arm and a lot of pain. See pic below but imagine me dangling with one arm 😦

Skin The Cat


The skin the cat exercise is a fundamental movement performed on gymnastics rings.

In a sling for two weeks, and having to learn to be a lefty was the next process, as was recovering properly. I made sure not to move the arm too much and strapped the muscle to allow it to knit again. I am now able to use my right arm for small tasks but no heavy things at all.

I’m just glad I can do a WOD again – even if its scaled 🙂

Strength: (Deload week)
Strict Press
Take percentages based off 90% of your 1 RM then add 5-10 kg then CALCULATE the below
40% x 5
50% x 5
60% x 5

No strength for me yet, unfortunately. So did 50 calories on the assault bike, legs only (5 minute EMOM – 1 min on 1 min off)

Tabata Intervals
1. Power Snatch (35,25)
2. Lunge (front or BACK rack)
3. Toes to Bar
4. Sit-ups
1 Minute rest between EXERCISES
Score = total reps
Level 2 (30,20)
Level 1 (25,15)

I could actually do this WOD! I did the no arms version 🙂 I also made sure to keep my right arm from moving suddenly whilst performing the movements (just in case). For example, when squatting, I kept my right arm close to my chest with my left arm.

1. Air Squats
2. Lunge (no rack)
3. V-Ups
4. Sit-ups

Score = ? (forgot to write it down, will get it tomorrow)


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