5 June 2015 – This Sled Ain’t Gonna Push Itself

Front Squat
75% x 5 (60kg)
85% x 3 (70kg)
95% x 1 (80kg)

10 Calorie Assault Bike
30 Meter Sled Push (60,40) (there and back)
200 Meter Run
50 Doubles Unders (or 100 singles)
*Funnel Style: As station in
front of you clears you go. Especially if there is a bottle neck at the sleds. Use that as your rest period.

I’m glad I got this WOD done because DAMN ITS COLD! Around 1 degree celsius in Johannesburg at 5am to be exact. The 200m run was really quick (LOL) because it was outside and the chilly wind was torturous to the exposed bits, mainly the face. I was aiming for 4 rounds at least (averaging 5 minutes a round) but didn’t get there. This one is a bit of an engine builder, I was on the floor for a while afterwards 🙂 And the arm feels good!

Score: 3 rounds + 1 completed sled push



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