20 June 2015 – Ready? Set? Sprint!

I linked up with some friends at the UJ stadium athletics track for a sprint WOD on Saturday.

Great way to build muscle fast. And to also become fast! You never know when you need to outrun some zombies 😉


800m jog (Two laps around the track)

Sprint WOD:

50m x 10
4 minutes rest between sprints

We all timed each other with stopwatches and recorded our times. I made a young graph to track and display the data in a way that we could see where we need to improve. My technique in the last 20m definitely needs work. I can feel it in my hammies and obliques today 🙂 This was a nice supplement to my training program.

Great morning with the peeps!

50m Sprint + Ave- 20062015


I made a little graph that plotted all of our sprints so we could have a visual reference of our sprint consistency. We all seemed to dip at about the 6th round and a few didn’t get past 5 due to muscle strain.


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