29 July 2015 – Ball Walls

1×10 60% (60kg)
1×10 65% (70kg)
1×8 70% (90kg)
1×8 75% (110kg)

BUY-IN: 500m Row

5 rounds of:
12 Wall Balls (10,7)
6 Burpees
CASH-OUT: 400m Run
*15 minute time cap

Time: 9:13 (Rx)

Still can’t feel my legs from Monday’s absolute burner – I rolled them last night with my newly acquired foam roller which provided some relief, but it was really difficult to get out of bed this morning 😐 Once I got into the movements, I was okay. Wallballs were unbroken through all 5 rounds with the 10kg ball (Yay!), and I was doing 8 burpees instead of 6 (I have no idea why!) until the last round when I did 6, so my time should be Rxx haha. That 400m run though, my legs did not want to comply. I hope they recover soon.




My legs thoughts… basically


This as well...

This as well…

Very tempted to do this...

Very tempted to do this…


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