10 August 2015 – All Aboard The Pain Train

I boarded the Pain Train today. This is a qualifier WOD 1 of 2 for the Last Man Standing Comp happening in September. I entered the beginners division, as I can’t do pull ups as yet (pull-ups are required for the intermediate level). I thought it would be a good way to get my shoulder back to strength as well as the weights are pretty light. I didn’t think it would be that hard though, even with a 30kg thruster. I couldn’t feel my arms for a short while after! I know know why its called #SuperFran, even though I scaled!

WOD 1 “Pain Train”
8 minute time cap
Thrusters (30kg)
Hand Release Pushups
100 single skips

Time: 10:00 (Got to the 10th thruster of the round of 15)

WOD Scoring:
 The score will be the Final Time if the athlete complete all work within the time cap.
 If the athlete doesn’t complete within time – The Final Time will be calculated
Every uncompleted Rep = 1 penalty Second. (1 rep = 1 sec) Example: 37 Uncompleted reps: Score = 8:37 Example: 80 Uncompleted reps: Score = 9:20 (70 Double-under & 10x of the last 15 Pull-up not completed)



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