13 August 2015 – 14.1 Reloaded



1×8 65% (60kg)

1×8 70% (80kg)

1×8 75% (100kg)

1×8 80% (110kg)
Open WOD 14.1

10 Minute AMRAP

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches (40,25) – Video on how to cycle snatches faster

Level 2 (35,20)

Level 1 (30,15) 60 singles

Score: 3.36 (171 reps)(Rx)

I managed to beat my score from last years Open! I like that these workouts give you an indication of progress. There’s a saying that goes (I think), ‘what cannot be measured, cannot be improved.’

The weird part is that I think I was fitter last year compared to this year but the stats prove otherwise. My shoulder held up well throughout the WOD and the double unders went smoothly (last year, moments before 14.1 was when I learnt to do double unders haha). So even with a weakened shoulder base I still a managed to beat last years score. That’s a win for me. #Progress

Last years score! beat it by 36 reps!



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