6 October 2015 – One Plus Thirty

For 21 Minutes
Min 1: Deadlift- 3 Reps
Min 2: 5 Strict HSPUs
Min 3: Rest
Work in with 2-3 people

Started at 80kg and increased by 5-10 kg at a time until I was at 120kg. Also alternated between one and two bands on the HSPU’s to get some more resistance in the shoulders.

2 Rounds
1 Minute Work: 30s Rest
1. Assault Bike
2. Kettlebell Swing (32,24)
3. Push-up
4. Double Unders- 5=1 Rep
Score = total Reps
Level 2- (24,16)
Level 1- (16,12); singles 10 = 1 rep

Score: 137 (Rx)

Chuffed that I could swing a 32kg kettlebell again, although my legs didn’t agree. This WOD is deceptively hard, and perfectly programmed so that you get maximum benefit (pain) from each round. Assault Bike (makes legs burn) –> kettlebells (legs, shoulders, core and grip) –> pushups (chest, core) –> Double Unders (Core, legs, shoulders) is a nasty combination.



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