16 October 2015 – 400 & Cindy

1×20 back squat (60kg)
Add 2 kg from previous attempt

3 rounds of:
Each round is 5 minutes of:
400m Run
Max Rounds of Cindy (5pull-up/10 push-up/15 air squat)
*Do three total rounds.
Rest exactly 1 minute between rounds.
After completing the 400m run, start cycles 2 and 3 where you left off on Cindy in the previous round. Score is total rounds of Cindy for the entire workout.

Score: 6.12

Forgot to carry on from the previous round, which invariably affected my score. Pretty chuffed that I managed to maintain a consistent pace on the 400m. I also could get 5 pullups out even when tired (thats a good sign for the shoulders and upper body). Pushups were tough toward the end, but I definitely feel stronger – the pre bedtime sets are helping!

400m times during the WOD:

Round 1: 1:17

Round 2: 1:18

Round 3: 1:19



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