25 November 2015 – Upside Run

Bench Press

15 minute Cap
800m Run
30 Handstand Push-ups
800m Run
Level 2- 50 Push-ups
Level 1-30 Push-ups
ADV- 50 Handstand Pushups

Time: 13:45 (Rx)




19 November 2015 – Snatch The Wall

1×20 back squat (70kg)

Power Snatches (35,25)
Level 2- (30,20)
Level 1- (25,15)

Time: 16:13 (L2)

I don’t know if the indoor soccer is improving my cardio, or if I just paced this WOD correctly – but this went really well! Split the reps of 21 (10+11), 18(9+9), 15(8+7), 12(6+6), 9(6+3) and then just went all out on the last two rounds. I did take a few long breaks in between sets to catch my breath, but I felt in control and dictated the pace of the workout. Snatches weren’t that heavy (due to the weight) and I tried to focus on technique (toes and traps) with every rep. Even when I was fatigued, I just focused on the next number of reps, i recall saying seven, seven, seven at one point. Did all the broken up numbers unbroken – next step is to get the full numbers unbroken!

Post Wod Sweat Angel

Post Wod Sweat Angel

5 November 2015 – Built Tough

Sled Push
6 x Sled Push & Pull (unweighted)
4 x Sled Push & Pull (+40kg)
2 x Sled Push & Pull (+60kg)

Dead Lift
1×8 65% (100kg)
1×6 75% (120kg)
1×4 85% (130kg)
1×4 90% (150kg -DNF)

Toes to Bar
KB Snatches (24,16)
Deadlifts (80,50)
Level 2- (16,12) (60,40)
Level 1- (12,8), (40,30)

Made the fortunate mistake of going to the 5am class the day after I did Grace(y) x 4 the previous night. Hands were ripped and back was tight, so this WOD went really slowly for me. T2B’s were gingerly done to avoid further rippage, and kettlebell swings were really light as my shoulders were shot. Deadlifts got better, with some great encouragement from the class, but didn’t even finish the Strength portion. A great WOD nonetheless. #MoneyInTheBank

Time: 23:52


4 November 2015 – Grace(y) x 4


10 Side Kicks
10 Arm Side to Side
10 Passovers
10 Lung Twists


2 Minutes Work || 30 sec rest
A Choice:

30 x 4 Clean & Jerk (50kg/30kg)


30 x 4 Thrusters (40kg/20kg)

My choice:

Clean & Jerk (Rx)

The most clean and jerks I have ever done in a row. Holy crap. I think the pic below says it all. I eventually settled on a rhythm of 3-2 per minute (3 on the minute and 2 on the 30 second mark). That gave me a total of 10 per two minutes. The first round  was 15 per minute. Pacing was key with this WOD as it was basically a scaled Grace times FOUR. Felt good once I got into the rhythm, but it got really hard on the last couple rounds. Traps and side obliques are feeling it today. #TRexArms

Score: 10 rounds (F10)(Rx)






2 November 2015 – Blackline

Joined the Elites at Crossfit Blackheath for a real burner of a WOD!

6 Minutes

Even Minutes: Skips
Odd Minutes: Jumping jacks


16 Round Tabata (20 sec on || 10 sec off)
Box Step Ups

10 rounds AFAP

3 Push Press (40kg)20kg)
3 Deadlifts (40kg/20kg)
3 Burpee Over Bar

Time: 6:39


3 Minutes: Max Wall Balls (Score: 60)

3 Minutes: Max Double Unders (Score: 124)

3 Minutes: Max Jump Squats (Score: 80)