4 November 2015 – Grace(y) x 4


10 Side Kicks
10 Arm Side to Side
10 Passovers
10 Lung Twists


2 Minutes Work || 30 sec rest
A Choice:

30 x 4 Clean & Jerk (50kg/30kg)


30 x 4 Thrusters (40kg/20kg)

My choice:

Clean & Jerk (Rx)

The most clean and jerks I have ever done in a row. Holy crap. I think the pic below says it all. I eventually settled on a rhythm of 3-2 per minute (3 on the minute and 2 on the 30 second mark). That gave me a total of 10 per two minutes. The first round  was 15 per minute. Pacing was key with this WOD as it was basically a scaled Grace times FOUR. Felt good once I got into the rhythm, but it got really hard on the last couple rounds. Traps and side obliques are feeling it today. #TRexArms

Score: 10 rounds (F10)(Rx)







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