1 January 2016 – 1000 Double Unders

1st day of 2016 and I decided to do something decidedly crazy.

Currently on holiday with family at the Vaal so some riverside WODs are in order. Already got some km’s in on the road and on the river (hello kayaking!) with some friends and fam (including a 2 x Comrades finisher!)

This one was after a long day of chilling and eating and throwing my nephews around. So you could say that I had been to the gym already. Add that to the fact that my Moves app recorded 29km of walking on Jan 1! I have proof!

You get into a groove after a while and the split was (for the most part) 100 at a time, divided into 30 + 30 + 30 + 10. 10 rounds of that on tiles are your feet and calves don’t like you anymore.

I’ve likened it to a microwaveable 5k. Had a similar feeling upon finishing. Maybe because of the 35+ degree heat.

Great start to the year!



1000 Double Unders

Time: +- 30 minutes (didn’t even time it – but started at roughly 18h30 and finished around 19h00)



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