12 January 2016 – Fried Forearms


Oly Warmup


4 Rounds

Hang Power Clean x 10 (50kg)

Cycle the Barbell as quick as possible whilst partner wall squats


I need to learn to use the hook grip more – that session fried my forearms! It could also be a case of lack of conditioning though…



With a running clock stopping at 12 minutes

2 rounds every 4 minutes

A. At 0 min

20 Wall Balls

20 KB Swings

B. At 4 min

15 Wall Balls

15 KB Swings

C. At 8 min

10 Wall Balls

10 KB Swings

Rest if you complete the 2 rounds before the next section.

I learnt very quickly that a wide arc on the KB swing isn’t efficient at all. Pulling the shoulders back on the upswing reduces the time it takes to get the KB up as well as utilises the hip thrust to propel the KB upwards. Something to keep in mind next time.



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