22 March 2017 – Thrust!

A: Thruster
Technique working on the bars. Short progression.
Front squat
Push press
Build to WOD weight


15 Min EMOM:
min1- 40s max thrusters @ 50/35 – 35/20 – 25/10kg (red wolves do clusters)
min2- 40s max reps DU/Skips
min3- 100m run
Use the 40s to practice your DU for the Open.

COOL DOWNCoach led stretch


– Managed 8 thrusters @50kg in the first round. Dropped to 5 + 1/2 in the following rounds. Worked better with a wider grip although front rack suffered a bit (it may just have been the uncomfortableness of the position at the bottom of the squat).
– Averaged 40 DUs unbroken for the skips
– 100m @ 60% of max pace


I feel like this is important prep for 17.5…

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