26 December 2015 – Boxing Day Nice & Easy


5km Row for time 

Time: 21:07 (Average pace of 1:53/500m)

10 Minute EMOM 

5 push-ups

10 Russian KB Swings (24 kg)

Bonus Round: 

50 weighted lunges (15kg sandbag)

10 Jumping Lunges



03 October 2015 – Delta Papa Roger

Swopped the usual Saturday Sprints for a nice little 5km in Delta Park. I haven’t been doing that much running to be honest, so wasn’t feeling all that confident.

The first three km’s were a bit tough – I think I should’ve stretched more as I was definitely not warm enough at that point. There was a very long hill at the 3km point that also took a bit of juice out of me. It was only at the 4km point where I started feeling alot better, in terms of form and speed. At the beginning I thought I’d have a time of around 30min but that last 2kms helped me along to a time of 27:46.

5km parkrun 03102015

5km chart splits 03102015 5km chart 03102015