17.2 – Abs! Awaken!

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 toes-to-bars
8 power cleans
Then, 2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 bar muscle-ups
8 power cleans
Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

Men use 50-lb. dumbbells

This was an interesting workout, but similar to previous years, where you had to put in a bit of work in order to get to the muscle ups. The workout is also pretty short so you’re on the redline for most of the time. I was okay with the lunges (even though they got spicy on the 3rd round), and the dumbbell cleans were also something I could handle. The toes to bars were the movement to focus on as I’m not great at them. My plan was to break them up early so as to not get any no reps (I did get one though – arrgh). Every time I dropped from the bar I felt a spasm across my entire mid section – proof that the toes to bar was doing its magic haha. I got to the muscle ups in a good time, but juust could not get one going. I spend the rest of the workout doing extravagant chest to bar pull ups in an attempt to get that elusive MU. Definitely need to work on pull up strength and gymnastics if I want to get that MU.

Score: 78 reps [Rx’d]

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14 October 2015 – Bye Laruchke!

Today is Laruchke’s (our 5am coach) last day – so we all showed up

Partner WOD:
50 Front Squats
25 burpees
25 box jumps
50 back squats
25 pull-ups/muscle up
50 toe 2 bar
25 thrusters
50 box jumps
25 squat snatch/power snatch OHS


Time (MC + Jamo): 34:37 (Rx)

6 August 2015 – Bars, Bruh

Deadlifts Bench Press
1×8 65% (40kg)
1×8 70% (40kg)
1×6 80% (45kg)
1×6 85% (45kg)


5 Rounds
400m Run
3 Bar Muscle-ups
6 Hang Squat Cleans (70,50)
9 Box Jump Overs
Level 3- (60,40), 1 muscle-up
Level 2- (50,30) 6 pull-ups, 6 dips
Level 1- (40,25) 6 modified pull ups, 6 dips

Time: 25:00 (50kg/Assisted Bar MU)


Felt a bit flat after last nights workout, but I’m glad I went this morning. 🙂 Did yesterdays WOD at the gym last night as traffic didn’t allow me to get to the box in time. Swopped the 100m run for 12 Pushups and found a dark corner at the gym. Had idea what my time was. Also did alot of stability work on my shoulder (Wall walks, kettle bell movements).

Tried to pace myself on this one, but a slight niggle in my right calf slowed me down on the run (perhaps from the double unders earlier this week). The bar muscle ups went well, I can feel the muscles in the injured region worked hard on those assisted MU’s. Thanks to Laruchke who pushed me on the last couple of runs – much appreciated!

14 July 2015 – BurPistol

1km run
3 x sled pushes (‘there and back ‘ – 60m with 60kg loaded)

1×10 60% (60kg)
1×8 65% (80kg)
1×6 70% (100kg)
1×6 75% (110kg)
1×6 80% (120kg)

15 Minute AMRAP
5 Burpee Pull-ups
10 Pistols
15 Kettle Bell Swings (32,24)
Level 2 (24,16)
Level 1 (16,12)
ADV- Burpee Bar Muscle-ups

Score: 3 rounds + 5 pistols (L2)

Did jumping burpee pullups (as recommeded by my bio) and unassisted pistols with my heels on a 10kg plate as a scaled option – I surprised myself there, the plate under the heels really helps (even though its still challenging) and it gets the outside of the quad going like a Boeing! One day I’ll be able to get those done with no plate… Really tough WOD!

Deadlifts felt heavy, but good. I could feel that I’ve lost alot of strength in my core and need to build that backup (thats the reason why I didn’t lift at my true percentages). But we’ll get there 🙂