24 June 2015 – Dead Overhead

Before Class Warm Up
Shoulder rehab drills as prescribed by Biokineticist
Lateral Shoulder Windmills 2 x 20
Shoulder scoops 2 x 20
Foam Rolling of Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads and Hip Flexors (Those sprints made these areas really tight!)

Warm Up
200 single skips
50 Double Unders

5 Rounds:
10 cal Assault Bike
10 Pushups

Bar Warmups:
Romanian Deadlift x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Frog Complex

8 Minutes
5 Deadlifts
3 Strict Pullups (modify as needed)
R 1-3 @ 60% of WOD weight
R 4-6 @ 80%
R 7-8 @ 100%

2 Rounds
40 Double Unders
30 Deadlifts (70,45)
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Shoulder to Overhead (70,45)
Level 3- (60,40)
Level 2- (50,35) pull ups
Level 1- (40,30) modified pull ups

Time: 16:41 (50kg and band assisted pullups)

I thought I could do the WOD with different weights (70kg on the deadlift and 50kg on the STOH) but was informed that the same weight must be used throughout the WOD. So I stuck to 50kg. An easy deadlift, so I was encouraged to get those out unbroken, to make up for the lack of weight. The STOH had me slightly concerned, as I hadn’t lifted that much since the injury, I did some test runs at that weight and it felt good, so I was happy. 🙂 I managed to get the first round of deadlifts unbroken but the second round I split 20-10.  My grip was suffering (also because of inactivity over the past few months). Pullups were split into sets of 3, and were really hard. I split the STOH into two sets of 5 and utilised the push jerk to make up for the lack of stabilizing muscles on my right shoulder. Double unders went well – I’m enjoying them 🙂 All in all, a great WOD!


27 May 2015 – The Comeback Begins

The comeback begins today!

First time using upper body since the injury and man did my lungs feel that! I think my anaerobic capacity maintained itself on the lower body only and now that the full body is engaged, it felt twice as hard. Also, my right arm felt ‘stupid’ – because of the lack of use – and now it’s suddenly being forced to perform many labouring tasks like pulling and holding a block for a (very light) overhead squat.

I was extremely careful throughout all movements to not do any sudden jerks. My aim for this was to keep as smooth as possible. It felt great to engage the different muscles required by the pull-up. Those 30-20-10s were really hard. We shall see how it feels tomorrow morning

Bench Press
60% X 5 (Mens Bar Only)
70% x 5 (40kg)
80% x 5 (N/A)

Chest to Bar Pull-ups (Band Assisted)
Overhead Squats (40,30) (Female Bar @15kg)
Level 2- (35,25)
Level 1- (30,20), 21-15-9\

Time: 12:47

Conditioning Cash Out
In 3 minutes, complete:
20 Calories Assault Bike
AMRAP Double Unders

Rest 1 minute

In 3 minutes, complete:
200m Run
AMRAP Burpees

Double Unders: 34
Burpees: 30