17.5 – Sprint To The Death

10 Rounds for time

9 Thrusters

35 Double Unders

As predicted – Double Unders! No Open is complete without them. I’m pleased to note that I’ve come a long way from my first open in 2015 when I could only get about 10 in a row. In this workout, my first 5 rounds were unbroken. And then my rope broke. That cost me a bit of time, first trying to fix my rope and then going to find another one. Nothing like having to think quick when you’re breathing hard. The next five rounds were a bit slower as I couldn’t string as many together as I would have liked, but it’s all good. Thrusters were split up into 5-4, and then 3-3-3 after round 5. Last round was a push and managed to get 5-4, which I’m really happy with. This one sneaks up on you and I tried breathing as much as possible but Round 6 is where things start happening. Round 8-10 were strange as in my mind I wanted to get back on the bar but my body didnt want to – I had to physically tell myself to get back on it. I was thinking between 10-15 minutes max for this workout but I totally overestimated the power of jelly legs on double unders! It really humbles you. All in all a great 5 weeks of testing one’s fitness – thoroughly enjoyed it!

Score: 24:35 (Rx)


17.4 – The Return of 16.4


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts, 135 lb.
55 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball to 9-ft. target
55-calorie row
55 hand-release push-ups

2016 score: 207 reps

2017 score: 209 reps

To be honest, I didn’t feel like I prepared enough to beat my score, so I’m quite happy that I did beat it, even if it was 2 reps. I haven’t been working out as regularly as I would like so I was surprised at my calmness throughout each stage of the workout. The dead lifts were relatively easy at 60kg (I think last year I was coming back from a hammy injury so took it slow on that portion). I split the wall balls up into 7-8-7- and then 10s, ending off with a 5. Enter the Jelly legs walking to the rower. The one rower didn’t work so that cut into a bit of my time, I had to jump onto another one after about 20 seconds. I tried to keep my pace above 1000 cal/hour (I know last year I was pushing 1200 cal/hour but was still cardio fit from the indoor soccer before I got injured). Got a bit tired and dropped to 900 cal/hour but picked up the pace towards the end in order to have as much time for those dreaded pushups – my worst movement. My tie break score was 08:56 leaving me with around 4 minutes to get those 55 pushups . Chest failed around halfway through so was forced into singles towards the end. Couldnt feel my arms afterwards but was happy with my effort. I suspect a repeat for 17.5, perhaps 16.5 or 15.5. Looking forward to the last one!

Score: 209 reps – s


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17.3 – Snatch ‘Em

Prior to 8:00, complete:
3 rounds of:
6 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
6 squat snatches, 20 kg.
Then, 3 rounds of:
7 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
5 squat snatches, 34 kg.
*Prior to 12:00, complete 3 rounds of:
8 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
4 squat snatches, 42 kg.
*Prior to 16:00, complete 3 rounds of:
9 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
3 squat snatches, 51 kg.
*Prior to 20:00, complete 3 rounds of:
10 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
2 squat snatches, 60 kg.
Prior to 24:00, complete 3 rounds of:
11 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
1 squat snatch, 70 kg.

*If all reps are completed, time cap extends by 4 minutes.
Note: Squat snatches or power snatches with overhead squats permitted.


I elected to do the scaled version of this WOD, purely because I haven’t snatched in a while and I did not want to risk messing up a shoulder on a 60kg attempt when tired. The scaled version is definitely not easy though. Even though the jumps in weight are considerably less, the time cap forces you to go quickly on the pull ups, so it becomes a sprint (almost a pure glycolytic workout). I ended up 4 reps shy of the 8:00 cut off (just about finished the last set of pull ups, but still had 4 snatches @ 42kg to go), which would have taken me to the 51 kg snatch and the 12:00 cutoff. but alas. There were a few time delays with the setup of weights in between rounds but I’m happy with my score, considering I was feeling a bit under weather before my attempt. My first 42kg attempt confirmed my decision to go scaled as I missed it completely – evidence of a rusty snatch technique.

Score: 104 reps – s

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17.2 – Abs! Awaken!

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 toes-to-bars
8 power cleans
Then, 2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 bar muscle-ups
8 power cleans
Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

Men use 50-lb. dumbbells

This was an interesting workout, but similar to previous years, where you had to put in a bit of work in order to get to the muscle ups. The workout is also pretty short so you’re on the redline for most of the time. I was okay with the lunges (even though they got spicy on the 3rd round), and the dumbbell cleans were also something I could handle. The toes to bars were the movement to focus on as I’m not great at them. My plan was to break them up early so as to not get any no reps (I did get one though – arrgh). Every time I dropped from the bar I felt a spasm across my entire mid section – proof that the toes to bar was doing its magic haha. I got to the muscle ups in a good time, but juust could not get one going. I spend the rest of the workout doing extravagant chest to bar pull ups in an attempt to get that elusive MU. Definitely need to work on pull up strength and gymnastics if I want to get that MU.

Score: 78 reps [Rx’d]

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17.1 – Spinal

Workout 17.1

For time:
10 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
20 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
30 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
40 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
50 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs

Men use 50-lb. dumbbell and 24-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

Score: 169 reps [Rx’d]

The Dumbbell was quite heavy (around 22.5 kg) but I think I managed the weight pretty well. The burpees got to me though, and by the time I got to the round of 40 I had lost all form on the burpee technique. Snatches still felt relatively good at that point so I could kinds rest a little bit on there. The fact that you could not place your free hand on your body also forced you to use your back and legs to get that dumbbell up. I definitely see this as a repeat WOD.

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19 September 2016 – A Jerk Is A Feeling

Monday night weightlifting may become a thing – I’m really enjoying it.

Today we focused exclusively on Split Jerks, and getting comfortable under a heavy weight. Like Coach John says, ‘A jerk is a feeling’.

We made chalk drawings of our foot placement pre and post jerk, in order to map where our feet should be when we get under the bar. Front foot should be a half a foot in front and rear foot should be a full foot behind. The markings really help in cementing where your feet should be, and with enough practice it becomes second nature.

Worked at 40 kg for the beginning and worked up to a 50kg split jerk, which began to feel really heavy towards the end. It is definitely a feeling.


Split Jerk (behind neck)


Split Jerk

6 x 3 @ 40kg

7 x 1 @ 50kg


1 March 2016 – Going HAM(mie)

It’s been a month since my last post, and like clockwork I got injured again. A week before the Open!

This time it was an awkward place in my hamstring, where the hammie joins the glute. I was playing indoor soccer and towards the end of the game, stretched for a loose pass. The left leg extended and my right leg, which was the base, slipped. I ended up in a very painful splits on the field. I felt two pops in the upper part of my hammie. Walking was really sore for the days to follow and I eventually got to physio where a Grade 1 (bordering on Grade 2) tear was diagnosed. It is now week 3 and I am able to jog really slowly, and squat really slowly. Sitting for long periods of time is still sore though.

I have been trying to keep my fitness up with rowing and elliptical sessions (so boring!) and lots of pushups, but this is the first real WOD I’ve been more than 50% involved in.


2 lap run
15 lunge/lunge/squat
15 Push Up/Calf Stretch
15 Pass Throughs


3 x 5 Minute AMRAPS

Round 1

Row 60 cal
Max Knees to Chest

Round 2

Run 400m
40 Box Step Ups
Max Air Squats

Round 3

250 Double Unders
40 Situps
Max Reps KB Swings


Round 1: 25 Knees to chest
Round 2: 35 Air Squats
Round 3: 0 (got to 35 situps)

2 February 2016 – Helen(ish)

2nd month of the year already! Wooooo!

I have not consumed any meat, or (leavened) bread since January 10, and I must say, the effects are rather positive. Even in my training. Sometimes I feel like my heart is bursting out of my chest, but that kinda happens anyway. The past 21 days have been fueled by plants and it’s been really good!


B: Conditioning EMOM
16 Min EMOM
Odd: 15 Burpee Ball Slams 10/7/5kg
Even : 40/50/60 DU or Skips

c: Helenish Sprint 3 Rounds
3 Rounds for time:
Run 200m
21 KBS (24kg)
15 Goblet squats ( can use a weight plate ) (24kg)
9 Chest 2 bar/ pull ups/ ring rows

Time: 13:07 (Rx)