2 February 2016 – Helen(ish)

2nd month of the year already! Wooooo!

I have not consumed any meat, or (leavened) bread since January 10, and I must say, the effects are rather positive. Even in my training. Sometimes I feel like my heart is bursting out of my chest, but that kinda happens anyway. The past 21 days have been fueled by plants and it’s been really good!


B: Conditioning EMOM
16 Min EMOM
Odd: 15 Burpee Ball Slams 10/7/5kg
Even : 40/50/60 DU or Skips

c: Helenish Sprint 3 Rounds
3 Rounds for time:
Run 200m
21 KBS (24kg)
15 Goblet squats ( can use a weight plate ) (24kg)
9 Chest 2 bar/ pull ups/ ring rows

Time: 13:07 (Rx)



14 January 2016 – Burner Boy


1 lap run

10 Ground To Overhead (5kg plate)

10 squats

10 Toes Touch Back Bend

10 Samson Lunge



4 rounds

7 Front Squat

3 Thrusters




For time:

4 rounds

20 Goblet Squat

20 Pushups


Run 600m

REST 4 minutes

Run 400m

3 rounds

20 Overhead Lunge

50 Double Unders

REST 3 minutes

50 Weighted Situps

Run 200m

50 Hollow Rocks


Time: 31:34 (Rx)

All I’m gonna say is… Hollow Rocks burn like nothing else I’ve experienced. A definite pain train workout today!


7 January 2016 – Heat Wave Thursday


2 rounds:

1 lap run

10 Ground To Overhead (with plate)

10 Toe Touch Back Bend

10 Lying Twists

10 Bike Situps


Core Work:


8 minute EMOM

3 reps @ 40%

30 second Bridge

Focus on perfect form – shoulders back and driving with the heals


Option: Goat Work

Work on weaknesses

Option: WOD

“For Those Who Dare”


Goblet Squat (24 kg KB)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (24 kg KB)

Double Unders

Pull Ups

Time: 13:31  (Rx)


13 June 2015 – Rows On Rows

I found this WOD on the Crossfit website (http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/009613.html) and scaled it according to my location and injury limitations. As I was not at the box but at the gym (Virgin Active) I had to improvise on the wall balls as they only have those hard medicine balls, hence the goblet squats. They have a rowing machine though (Yay!), and I thought it will be good recovery for my shoulder. Pace was a little slower that I am used to, but probably because of the shoulder. I split the squats into reps of 10 and 15. The shoulder felt good throughout the WOD though 🙂 I expected to be a little more sore… Oh well.


Shoulder mobility as prescribed by the Biokineticist

Wall Angels (10 x3)
Shoulder Scoops (10 x 3)
TRX Rows and Pushups (very high angle[60 degrees] – keeping arms close to the body) (10 x 3)
Sleeper Stretch – 30 seconds each side x 3


2000m row
50 Goblet Squats (10kg)
1000m row
35 Goblet Squats (10kg)
500m row
15 Goblet Squats (10kg)

Time: 23:37

Averaged 2:10/500m on the rows
Cash out: 50 double unders

Also a 4km run @7:00 Pace (2km to the gym & 2 km home)