8 February 2017 – Tumbleweed


5 x 5 Front Squat
Round 1 – 60 kg
Round 2 – 70 kg
Round 3 – 70 kg
Round 4 – 80 kg
Round 5 – 80 kg
21 x Back Squats @ 70kg


9 Min AMRAP “tumbleweed”
Run 200m
20 TTB/ Knees to chest / sit ups / leg raises
1 min KB/dball/ dumbell hold in front of torso.(20kg plate)

Score: 2 rounds + 200m


7 February 2017 – Move Well

2 rounds of :
Run 200m
10 push ups
10 superman
10 wall balls

18 min EMOM: 40 sec on 20 sec off
Min 1 : Med ball thrusters ( red wolves, dumb bell thrusters @ 20kg each hand)
Min 2 : Renegade rows 15/10kg (Used the 10kg dumb bell)
Min 3 : Run 100m/150m/200m (substituted for rowing as it was raining)

Accessory work
Complete 3 rounds for quality:
4 Nordic curls
20 Abductors each side
1 min bridge/weighted bridge

27 December 2015 – Brooklyn Abs

Worked out at Virgin Active Greenstone as the box is closed for the holidays. This place has a really nice functional area with a slightly springy floor and a massive calisthenics apparatus. I think I might change my home gym from Balfour Park.

The Ab workout I got from an Instagram post from a dude known as @BrooklynTank.  https://instagram.com/p/_xJNMav914/ It was quite intense. I chose to finish it off with a light little EMOM to get the heart rate going and work the other sections of the abdominals as the toes to bar movement so beautifully does.


2km cycle


10 rounds

50 bicycle crunches


2 rounds

2.5 minute plank (only did 1 plank)


10 rounds

10 side oblique crunches


10 minute EMOM

3 Toes To Bar

30 Double Unders

29 October 2015 – Cleaning Up

Back squat (60kg)

3 Power Cleans (pick your weight)
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks

Score: 10 rounds + 3 cleans + 3 squats (60kg)

A bit different to the WODs we’ve been usually doing – which might explain my relatively low score. Lost of strength under duress was the aim here – to be able to perform complex lifting movements even when fatigued. Push jerks kinda got easier the more I got used to this new grip, which involves holding the bar in the bottom of the palm instead of around the finger area. Cash out was incredible. Incredibly hard! Plank was okay – just that darn L-sit – I have mass respect for gymnasts that do this almost all the time.

Core cash out
Alternating Tabata
Plank Hold

Eventually wanna get to this level of L-sit!



4 August 2015 – Lung Buster

Strict Press
1×8 65% (40kg)
1×8 70% (45kg)
1×6 80% (40kg)
1×6 85% (40kg)

2 Rounds
45s Work || 15s Rest
1. Hollow Rocks
2. Supermans
3. Plank Hold
4. Jackknives

800m Run
40 Wallballs (10,7)
100 Double Unders
Rest 3 Minutes
600m Run
30 Wallballs
80 Double Unders
Rest 2 Minutes
400m Run
20 Wallballs
60 Double Unders
Rest 1 Minute
200m Run
10 Wallballs
40 Double Unders

L2 –50, 40, 30, 20 Double Unders
L1- 25, 20, 15, 5 Double Under Attempts or Singles x 2


Time: 31:30 (Rx)

A great cardio workout that took alot out of me… I focused on running form as much as possible on the runs, especially during the end. Also partitioned the reps of the wallballs to 10 at a time and segments of 20 for the double unders. This did extend the time though, which is not what I wanted.

I also thought about how cardio is more apparent in Crossfit, especially at the Games.It was sparked off by this post on Instagram by Ben Bergeron. I was an okay runner before I started Crossfit, and whilst I could see definite results in my running because of the training, I always thought that we should run more as Crossfittters, as that is the ultimate form of human movement. Today proved that I don’t run enough. Need to get some more kms logged.