15 September – A Dead Ringer

1×5 60% (100kg)
1×3 70%  (115kg)
1×2 80% (130kg)
1×2 90% (145kg)
1×1 100% (160kg)
1×1 105% (170kg)(Failed this attempt)

10 Minute AMRAP
10 Deadlifts (100,70)
10 Ring Dips
Level 2- (80,55)
Level 1- (60,40)

Score: 4.14 (Rx)

Max Calories on the Airdyne in 2 Minutes- Take turns on the Bikes

Today taught me that the mind can talk you out of anything. During the strength portion I wasn’t aware of the weights and was simply going up and lifting whatever was there. I then realised that I pulled 160kg quite easily and was shocked when I found out it was 160kg. Then the mind started playing games. I thought I was mentally ready, but I had already conceded before even attempting the 170kg weight (105%). I got to about halfway and dropped it, thinking I wasn’t going to make it. I tried 165kg and didn’t even get that. Was totally out of the zone.  If I didn’t know what I was pulling I probably would’ve got that weight. Mental fortitude needs to be built up in this regard. Sometimes what you don’t know will help you.

The WOD was a tough one, especially the rings. Deadlifts felt okay, given that we just hoisted heavier weights just before the WOD. I was glad that I was able to the ring dips on the olympic rings, with kipping. Shoulder felt good as well as the area that got injured, it really worked hard (with no pain, yay!)


18 August 2015 – 30 On||30 Off

Bench Press
1×8 65% (40kg)
1×6 75% (45kg)
1×4 85% (50kg)
1×4 90% (60kg)

30s work || 30s rest
4 Rounds at each movement then rotate to next movement.
Continue till all 4 movements are done (4 rounds per movement.)
1. Assault Bike for calories
2. Wallballs (20,14)
3. Pull ups
4. Ring Dips

Score: 137 (Jumping Pull-ups)

Score breakdown:

  1. 15 | 15 | 13 | 12 :: 55
  2. 12 | 12 | 12 | 12 :: 48
  3. 5 | 5 | 4 | 4 :: 18
  4. 5 | 4 | 4 | 3 :: 16




23 April 2015 – Sled Bikes


This was an engine builder, but that assault bike was like quicksand! The more you pedal, the slower you get. I also had to be careful with the box dips because of my arm, but it held out. 🙂

Every Minute on the Minute for 30 Minutes

Odd Minutes- Alternate between 15 Calories on the Assault Bike and 1 Sled Push Round Trip (so minute 1- A.B, minute 3 Sled Pushes or visa versa if you need to
Even Minutes (2-10) 10 Burpees (Subbed for 20 Air Squats)
Even Minutes (12-20) 10 Toes to Bar (Subbed for V-Ups)
Even Minutes (22-30) 10 Ring Dips (Subbed for Box Dips)
If you need to take a minute off then do so. When you report your scores
record how many minutes missed including rounds you could not complete the
task. No Penalties today.

Level 2- Knees to Elbows, Parallel Bar Dips
Level 1- Knees to Chest, Box Dips

Score: 4 (all of them were the on the assault bike – could only get to 10 calories, aaargh!)