21 September 2016 – Row, Annie Row


In teams of 4:

A. Annie 


Double Unders

Sit Ups

8 min timecap

B. Row Max Meters

8 min timecap

2 people perform A, whilst 2 people perform B, alternating on the rower.



Deadlift Technique

4 rounds every 1:30

50-70% of your max (80kg)



1 March 2016 – Going HAM(mie)

It’s been a month since my last post, and like clockwork I got injured again. A week before the Open!

This time it was an awkward place in my hamstring, where the hammie joins the glute. I was playing indoor soccer and towards the end of the game, stretched for a loose pass. The left leg extended and my right leg, which was the base, slipped. I ended up in a very painful splits on the field. I felt two pops in the upper part of my hammie. Walking was really sore for the days to follow and I eventually got to physio where a Grade 1 (bordering on Grade 2) tear was diagnosed. It is now week 3 and I am able to jog really slowly, and squat really slowly. Sitting for long periods of time is still sore though.

I have been trying to keep my fitness up with rowing and elliptical sessions (so boring!) and lots of pushups, but this is the first real WOD I’ve been more than 50% involved in.


2 lap run
15 lunge/lunge/squat
15 Push Up/Calf Stretch
15 Pass Throughs


3 x 5 Minute AMRAPS

Round 1

Row 60 cal
Max Knees to Chest

Round 2

Run 400m
40 Box Step Ups
Max Air Squats

Round 3

250 Double Unders
40 Situps
Max Reps KB Swings


Round 1: 25 Knees to chest
Round 2: 35 Air Squats
Round 3: 0 (got to 35 situps)

22 October 2015 – Heavy Thrust

Bench Press
1×10 60% (40kg)
1×8 70% (40kg)
1×6 75% (50kg)
1×4 80% (50kg)

Complete the following for time:
9 Thrusters (50,35)
9 Pull-ups
400m Run
12 Thrusters
12 Pull-ups
200m Run
15 Thrusters
15 Pull-ups
100m Run
* 15 minute time cap
* 13 minute time cap (intermediate)
* 10 minute time cap (advanced)

Time: 11:56 (Rx)

What a tough workout – WOW.

The thrusters felt good for the first few rounds but it really forced you to focus on technique in the next few rounds especially on the round of 12. My grip suffered in the third round of pull-ups and was reduced to two at a time. The run was okay, got a fairly good pace on each one. Pull-ups were also feeling good, even though the grip was going – I could feel it in the core especially at the top of the pull. 

Cash out was WOW as well. 😵😅

Ca$h Out:

20 Strict Toes-To-Bar
20 Weighted Sit-Ups (10kg med ball)
20 Weighted Russian Twists (10kg med ball)
1 minute L-sit hold (accumulated)

2 October 2015 – The Ascent

No strength work today

Warm up
Odd – 15/10
Calories on assault bike
Even – 100m Run

12 Minute Ascending AMRAP
3 Burpees
3 Wall balls
3 Medball Sit ups
6 Burpees
6 Wall balls
6 Medball Sit ups
9 Burpees
9 Wall balls
9 Medball Sit ups…
*Hold medicine ball at your chest – not going overhead with the ball.
L1/L2 – Regular sit ups

Score: 15 + 10 burpees (completed round of 15)

Core cash out
2 Rounds for quality
9 Strict toes to bar
6 Around the worlds hanging from bar (3 each direction)
3 Dragonflags

18 September 2015 – Air Force

400m run
40 air squats
200m run
20 air squats
100m run
10 air squats

Strict Press
1×5 60% (30kg)
1×3 70% (35kg)
1×2 80% (40kg)
1×2 90% (45kg)
1×1 100% (50kg)
1×1 105% (52kg)

20 Thrusters (40,30)
20 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls
20 Push Jerks
20 Overhead Squats
20 Front Squats

Athlete must do 4 burpees at the beginning of every minute, including at the start of the WOD, before moving on to the barbell work. Athlete is allowed to move to the next barbell skill once an he/she has completed all 20 reps.

Level 2- (35,20), 3 Burpees
Level 1- (30,15) Burpees

Time: 13:05 (Rx)

Core Cash Out
10 Strict Toes to Bar
20 V-Ups
30 Supermans
40 Hollow Rocks
50 Sit Ups (no arm throw)
2 minute plank

2 September – Wheelhouse

Strict press
1×5 70% (40kg)
1×5 80% (45kg)
1×2 85% (50kg)
1×3 90% (45kg)
1×1 100% (45kg)

I stayed at 45kg as the 50kg was causing me to lean back, which could result in a nasty back injury. So kept the ego in check by lowering the weight and focusing on technique.


Work up to Max weight for the complex
1 Thruster
1 Push-press
1 Push-jerk

I got to 60kg and failed on the push press at 70kg. Happy with that (for now).

3 rounds
60 Double Unders
30 Wallballs (10,7)
20 Deadlifts (80,50)
Level 2- (70,45) 20 Wallballs, 30 Double unders
Level 1- (50,35) 120 Singles, 20 WB, 15 Deadlifts

I loved this WOD! I think these movements are ‘in my wheelhouse’, as they say. It was challenging, but I felt like I could push it at an intensity that worked me but I could still think about my strategy for the next round/movements.With the double unders, I tried to get them unbroken as much as possible, but split it into 30-30(R1), 20-20-20 (R2) and 10-10-10-10-10-10(R3), Wallballs were split into 15 x 2 for round 1 and 10 x 3 for the remaining rounds. Deadlifts, were pretty easy so just had 10 x 2 on all rounds. Dunno if my time is competitive but I’m happy that I could smash that WOD 🙂

Time: 16:30 (Rx)

Core Cash out on your own time after class
Alternating Tabata (20 sec L sit, 10 sec rest then 20 sit up, 10 sec rest alternating between the two for 8 minutes)
L-Sit Hold on Pull up Bar
Sit ups (no arm throw)

Conditioning *optional if you want to do more work.
3 Rounds
Row 250m
Row 500m
Row 750m
Rest 1:1

Didn’t get to the rowing portion but the core cashout, wow. Mid section for days! Great WOD 🙂 🙂 🙂


1 September 2015 – Snatch & Hold

After a ‘week off’ from RLS, its back to the box to get some final training in before JURA on Saturday.

Bench Press
1×5 70% (40kg)
1×5 80% (45kg)
1×2 85% (50kg)
1×3 90% (55kg)
1×1 100% (60kg)

That 60kg felt good – I definitely couldn’t do that a month ago! 🙂

1 Hang Squat Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
Level 1- Hang Power Snatch, 2 OHS

For 20 Minutes
Every 4 Minutes Complete*
300m Run
6 Power Snatches
8 Overhead Squats (50,35)
10 Toes to Bar
Level 2 (40,30) 5 Power Snatches, 6 Overhead Squats, 7 Toes to Bar
Level 1 (35,20) 200m Run 5 Reps of each

Athletes should scale so they can complete that first round in no more than 3 minutes.

For every round not completed in 4 minutes bike 20 calories on the assault bike as penalty

Fastest round: 03:30

Snatches felt okay – I stayed at 40kg to get my shoulder properly warmed up. Toes to bar were also alot better than expected. Managed to get 5 in a row at some points. Run felt weird and slow. Maybe it was the 400m on saturday that left me feeling like a newborn goat. Cash out was good for the abs 🙂

Cash out
2 rounds
20 sit-ups
20 hollow rocks
20 Supermans
20 v ups

26 August 2015 – #CrossfitWeek Day 3

Today was the final day of #CrossfitWeek with the Elites. Most were really sore after Day 1 and elected to recover rather than continue. Big ups to those that stuck it out! Tonight’s one was a long one. It felt like perfect preparation for JURA next week saturday.

6 rounds for time:
13 burpee box jumps
4 roof runs
10 pull-ups
17 sit-ups
7 push-ups
10 deadlifts
21 toes to bar

Time Cap of 40 minutes

Score: 4 rounds and 4 roof runsAjjv1HobZnDsEs-IAU8gnJVuWA_rNr8v0GDT_HUvMANB

24 August 2015 – #CrossfitWeek Day 1

Trained at Crossfit Blackheath with the Elites for the inaugural #CrossfitWeek. This location was chosen as the most central for all of us and Russell (the owner) was gracious enough to give us 3 free intro sessions for the week. Thanks Russell! We’ll be training Monday to Wednesday with the possibility of Yoga on Thursday to loosen up.

Elites present:

Mike R


10 rounds
10 deadlifts (40kg\30kg)


3 rounds
20 wall balls
15 pushups
10 box jumps


4 rounds
25 pushups
25 situps
25 air squats
26 lunges

50 kettlebell swings

Score: 3 rounds + 2 rounds & 17 Situps (25 minute time cap)

A tough one, I struggled on the pushups and had to switch to lady pushups halfway through. The other movements were okay though. The other guys weren’t used to the volume that we do and are understandably sore today. I recommended lots of stretching and yoga poses. Tonight is round 2 with the rest of the Elites!

21 August 2015 – Tabata Sauce

Front Squat
1×8 65% (60kg)
1×6 75% (80kg)
1×4 85% (90kg)
1×4 90% (80kg)

Might have overshot my percentages with the Strength section. Also, I could feel that my right shoulder isn’t as mobile as my left, resulting in alot of pressure on my right wrist. Some mobility work to be done in that area.

“Tabata This”
Tabata Row
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-up
Tabata Interval= 20s work:10s Rest 8x Through
Your score is the sum of the lowest round of each movement


Score: 25 (Assisted Pull Ups)


They should make a sauce called Tabata, because it BURNS! Great WOD this morning, I could feel it after the squats 🙂