28 January 2016 – Man The Sleds


3 min Skipping

20 Med Ball Thrusters

20 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups



5 Rounds

Partner runs 200m


10 Push Ups

15 Pelvic Raises

40 Bicycle Kicks

Plank for remainder of time



In Teams of 5

3 Min at each station

1 – Sled Push (120kg)

2 – Row (for calories)

3 – Sled Push (120kg)

4 – Ring Rows



12 November 2015 – Boom Boom Pow

3 rounds
10 cal Assault Bike
Sled Push (+20kg)

1×20 Back squat (40kg –> 50kg –> 65kg)

15 Minute AMRAP
10 Front Rack Lunges (50,35)
10 Toes to Bar
30 Double Unders
Level 2 (40,30)
Level 1 (35,20)

Score: 3.17 (Rx)





5 November 2015 – Built Tough

Sled Push
6 x Sled Push & Pull (unweighted)
4 x Sled Push & Pull (+40kg)
2 x Sled Push & Pull (+60kg)

Dead Lift
1×8 65% (100kg)
1×6 75% (120kg)
1×4 85% (130kg)
1×4 90% (150kg -DNF)

Toes to Bar
KB Snatches (24,16)
Deadlifts (80,50)
Level 2- (16,12) (60,40)
Level 1- (12,8), (40,30)

Made the fortunate mistake of going to the 5am class the day after I did Grace(y) x 4 the previous night. Hands were ripped and back was tight, so this WOD went really slowly for me. T2B’s were gingerly done to avoid further rippage, and kettlebell swings were really light as my shoulders were shot. Deadlifts got better, with some great encouragement from the class, but didn’t even finish the Strength portion. A great WOD nonetheless. #MoneyInTheBank

Time: 23:52


16 June 2015 – Youth Day

Today was Youth Day in South Africa, so it was a public holiday where most of the country was commemorating those that lost their lives during the Soweto Uprising in 1976. Youth day is popularly known as the Soweto Uprising or June 16. The uprisings tragically ended with hundreds of young people killed by the apartheid government when they protested against the imposition of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction. Youth Day commemorates the Soweto youth uprising on 16 June 1976. My parents were just finishing high school at that time so it was quite a trying time in their lives. We honor the class of ’76.

The iconic image of Hector Pieterson being carried by Mbuyisa Makhubo after being shot by South African police. His sister, Antoinette Sithole, runs beside them.


Youth Day WOD

15 Min AMRAP

90m sled push (60,40)
10 calories Assault Bike

5 mins rest


7 min AMRAP

Shoulder to Overhead

50 (40,30)
50 (50, 40)
AMRAP (60,40)

Rest 5 min

Bench Press

50 (60,40)
50 (70,45)
AMRAP (80, 50)

Rest 5 mins

AMRAP Strict Pullups

This was a combo of pain


Team Score:

6 rounds + 80m sled push
55 reps of Shoulder to Overhead
43 reps of Bench Press
125 Pullups

We were divided into teams of 3 (I got Coach and Andrea in my team), both very strong athletes, so they would make up for my lack of strength LOL.

The way it worked was that the team would work together to get the numbers done. Sled pushes were alternated until 90m was reached, after which one person would hit the 10 cal on the bike. Once done the sled relay starts again and the next person gets on the bike. You get minimal rest so its a great cycle.

A similar method was used on the rest of the WOD. 50 reps are reached any which way, so we alternated with reps of 10 and then 5 as they got heavier.

The sled pushes were torture, wow. Legs like jelly after the second round, feeling queasy – it really attacked the central nervous system. I had to scale almost everything except the sled push portion because of the weak arms *sigh*. On the plus side, the STOH (I did the girls weight) felt really good, considering it was my first time performing overhead movements with weight since my injury. The bench press was really hard, there was no strength left after about 10 reps. I had to command my chest to suck it up and push. I stayed at 40 throughout that portion. Alot of recovery work in that area is needed. For the pullups I did a ring row progression which was great for the stabilizing muscles around the shoulder. I can feel it today 🙂

5 June 2015 – This Sled Ain’t Gonna Push Itself

Front Squat
75% x 5 (60kg)
85% x 3 (70kg)
95% x 1 (80kg)

10 Calorie Assault Bike
30 Meter Sled Push (60,40) (there and back)
200 Meter Run
50 Doubles Unders (or 100 singles)
*Funnel Style: As station in
front of you clears you go. Especially if there is a bottle neck at the sleds. Use that as your rest period.

I’m glad I got this WOD done because DAMN ITS COLD! Around 1 degree celsius in Johannesburg at 5am to be exact. The 200m run was really quick (LOL) because it was outside and the chilly wind was torturous to the exposed bits, mainly the face. I was aiming for 4 rounds at least (averaging 5 minutes a round) but didn’t get there. This one is a bit of an engine builder, I was on the floor for a while afterwards 🙂 And the arm feels good!

Score: 3 rounds + 1 completed sled push


22 May 2015 – Swangin’

30 cal Assault bike
Sled Push + Pull (3 rounds)
500m Row

Front Squat
40% x 5 (45kg)
50% x 5 (55kg)
60% x 5 (65kg)

Do the following for time:
30 American Kettlebell Swings (24,16)
30 Sit-ups
12 Push-ups
20 American Kettlebell Swings
20 Sit-ups
12 Push-ups
10 American Kettlebell Swings
10 Sit-ups
12 Push-ups
*15 minute time cap.

Time: 07:52

I subbed the pushups for the modified burpee, and chose the lightest possible kettlebell weight as this was my first overhead movement since the injury. Physio is helping loads! 🙂


100 partner burpees (Partner holds plank whilst other does burpees, and switch)
I did the modified burpee (almost like a two legged mountain climber), we did sets of 10 and switched to 5 after the planks got nasty.

Time: 09:08