23 January 2016 – Keenan’s Saturday WOD

We are rotating the responsibility of creating  workouts amongst ourselves, which is proving to be pretty interesting. Everyone has a different fitness background and that informs their setup, which always turns out to be a great challenge. This was Keenan’s one. Three days on and my entire posterior chain is still sore (especially upper hamstrings and glutes) 😐 Awesome workout!
Warm up – 3 min Jumping Jacks
5 min skipping
Rest is a 2.5 min 400m walk.
12 minute AMRAP

Starting at finish line, do 100m walking lunges, walk to 50m mark and sprint to finish line.

Do as many as possible.

Score: 2.5 rounds (amounted to 250m of lunges!)

Rest is a 2.5 min 400m walk.
12 minute AMRAP

Side squat up stairs, 10 Spider-Man push ups at the top, run down 15 dips at the bottom.

Score: 6 rounds 

Rest is 2.5 min 400m walk around track.
5min ab crunches with partner
Score: Did 3 minutes of crunches


15 August 2015 – Saturday Sprints

We tried shaking things up a bit by adding a 60m flythrough to get a bit more from our sprinting muscles. It was hilarious. We couldn’t get our timings right. A good day for sprints though, with some significant improvements. I didn’t even add them to the graph, they were so inconsistent.

Times (50m):

  1. 6.41
  2. 6.50
  3. 6.18
  4. 6.69
  5. 6.94

Average: 6.54 (Almost at my goal of sub 6.50! – Previous average 6.82)


50m Sprint Circle -  15 August 2015 50m Sprint -  15 August 2015

8 August 2015 – Saturday Sprints

Sprinted with the guys this weekend again – and did 10 x 50m with no considerable strain felt (even though I had a calf strain on the right from the double unders earlier in the week), so that was a positive! Nice to be getting faster and faster!


10 x 50m sprints

4 minute rest between each run

Average: 6.82 (previous average 6.76 – a tad slower than last week)

A circular representation of the data - focusing on showing consistency between the runs

A circular representation of the data – focusing on showing consistency between the runs

50m Sprint -  8 August 2015

1 August 2015 – Sprinting Saturday

Back to some good old 50m sprints at the track on what seemed to be the coldest day of the year – I was so glad for the sun!


Times(we only did 8 sprints due to time constraints:

  1. 6.88
  2. 6.60
  3. 6.69
  4. 6.87
  5. 6.81
  6. 6.90
  7. 6.56
  8. 6.78

Average: 6.76 (Previous average was 6.74, although that was for 5 sprints)

50m Sprint -  1 August 2015

4 July 2015 – Saturday Sprints

Sprints on a Saturday continued this weekend and these have been going well – I can definitely see an improvement in my explosive movements, which I think helps with my arm as well. 🙂 Great session!


50 double unders as a warmup

20m sprint x 5
50m sprint x 5
25 single skips between each sprint


  1. 0.00 (stopwatch error!)
  2. 3.60
  3. 3.90
  4. 3.62
  5. 3.59


  1. 6.88
  2. 6.87
  3. 7.17
  4. 6.87
  5. 6.75

A young graph was again made to track the progress of our sprinting – I definitely FELT faster, not too sure if the data is agreeing though. It looks like my average is slightly better on the 50m, so that’s a good sign. EDIT: after looking at the previous dataset, I’ve improved my average on the 50m by 0.24 seconds (7.15 to 6.91)! 🙂 🙂 🙂50m Sprint -  4 July 2015 20m Sprint -  4 July 2015






20 June 2015 – Ready? Set? Sprint!

I linked up with some friends at the UJ stadium athletics track for a sprint WOD on Saturday.

Great way to build muscle fast. And to also become fast! You never know when you need to outrun some zombies 😉


800m jog (Two laps around the track)

Sprint WOD:

50m x 10
4 minutes rest between sprints

We all timed each other with stopwatches and recorded our times. I made a young graph to track and display the data in a way that we could see where we need to improve. My technique in the last 20m definitely needs work. I can feel it in my hammies and obliques today 🙂 This was a nice supplement to my training program.

Great morning with the peeps!

50m Sprint + Ave- 20062015


I made a little graph that plotted all of our sprints so we could have a visual reference of our sprint consistency. We all seemed to dip at about the 6th round and a few didn’t get past 5 due to muscle strain.

4 February 2015 – Strictly Sprints


Strict Press

Take percentages based off 90% of your 1 RM – 50kg
75% x 5 (40kg)
85% x 3 (45kg)
95% x 1 (47kg)
95% x AMRAP to “not failure”. See if you can do more than 1 but don’t go to failure
* Strict Chin ups(palms facing towards you) (weighted if possible) between sets. (3 chin-ups between each set)

Legs were finished! Felt really gangly running the first couple sprints (need to work on rhythm) and leg speed was very sluggish. It was a good session though!

8 x 50 meters
4 x 100 meters
2 x 200 meters
1 x 400 meters


Score (in seconds): 6 | 13 | 33 | 1:24